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What is Tutu App: Tutu app is a Chinese app store that contains various types of apps and allows the users to install the applications free of cost. You will find various games here as well. The biggest setback of the app had been the language in which it was made. The creators of the app initially created Tutu is the Chinese language. This had crippled the foreign users’ freedom to use the app.

tutuapp vip helper

Noticing the limitation, the developers, later on, developed the same app in English. With the language shift, the developers decided to change the name of the app as well. Now, the app is known across the world as Tutu helper rather than Tutu app. If you are confused about the suitable device to use this app, you can have a look at the tagline that says it all ‘The best iOS and Android helper’.

Tutu app is categorized into two different segments. One is Tutu helper regular and other one is known as VIP or Premium Tutu Helper. The popularity of the app originated from the platform which released Pokemon game. Moreover, the app offers fake Pokemon game hack and GPS hack.

Tutuapp Features

The app is free to use and this is the best feature of the application. Rooting a device is not required when you are installing Tutu. Using this app you can increase the speed of file transfer.

Download TutuApp APK for Android

1. Download the TutuApp V2.2.10 apk file on our download page

2. Once you have downloaded the file, find it via file manager and install the TutuApp on your Android mobile.

3. Don’t forget to switch on the option “Install apps from unknown sources” in settings so that you can install Tutuapp APK for your Android device.


4. Accept the required permissions to phone and you can install paid apps for free.

Install Tutu App on Phone

install tutuapp on android, ios mobileNow, the million dollar question that arises is – how to install this wonderful app to your phone. How exactly can you derive the maximum benefit of the app? As the tagline goes, the app is available for both iOS and Android. However, to install the app, you will have to follow some steps.

  • Open Safari on iPhone/iPad. You must need to install English version of this app only through safari as other may not support installation process.
  • Enter url tutuapp.com in the address bar and let the site to be loaded. In some cases, you may not be able to open the TuTu app iOS.
  • Clear the Safari browser history, cache and try again. After complete loading of the page, you can see two options in the menu.
  • Click on the Regular version.
  • After clicking on the regular button, safari will navigate you to another page where you can find blue button (in a form of prompt). Click that “Download Now” button.

Tutu App Pokemon Go

Tutu App Pokemon Go is a gaming application which has been devised to offer the virtual reality integration. The theme of the game is to catch and train Pokemon. This is a favorite game which attracts gamers across the world to the app.

APK FILE: To install Pokemon go, first you need to get Tutuapp apk file on your smartphones. Once you have downloaded the apk file then you will proceed to download Pokemon Go.

Download Tutuapp Pokemon go ios: The installation steps to install Pokemon on ios with tutuapp is same. You just need to follow above steps.

Download and Install Tutuapp Pokemon go Android: Like iOS, you also need to install apk file. It is safe to install the file which allows you to install paid apps free.

Tutu App for PC/Windows/Mac

tutuapp features

Though it is said in the app tagline that the application is available for mobiles, you can still download it on your PC and use it to get games for free. Now, the question is – how that can be done.

Even though, the application for mobile users, the PC users will have ample advantages by using this app on their PC’s. Larger space is one of the reasons why you should use it on your PC.

Tutuapp installation on PC, Windows or MAC needs Bluestacks. So first download and install Bluestack on your system and we will talk about the full procedure to install tutuapp on pc here.

Is Tutuapp Safe

There are some complaints about the app asking for permission unrelated to the application’s use. However, there have been to report of anything going wrong with the application users and therefore, the app can be called safe to use.