Apps Like TutuApp & its Alternatives for Android and iOS Devices

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If you are looking for Apps like tutuapp and its similar alternatives then you are at right place. We have prepared a post for you mentioning tutuapp alternatives.

Isn’t it the best feeling in the world when you can actually take a wholesome control of your smartphone and its functionality, and make use of the features as and however you like? TutuApp has certainly become one of the most popular and used applications on the internet, which offer a unique way to download and install all Chinese applications for free. However, most users complain about a single issue with the application and the pervasiveness of this issue is so huge that it has led to several developers coming up with alternatives to Tutu App. Since the entire application is in Chinese language, it becomes very difficult to comprehend, for someone who has no idea how to read Chinese.


Tutu App gained immense popularity during the time when the popular gaming app ‘Pokémon Go’ was introduced. Many users worldwide, made use of Tutu App to download and install this game on their phone and play it to their heart’s content. Many developers came up with modified versions of the app that supported the English language as well. By its features, Tutu App is very seamless and easy to operate as a bunny assistant is always available to help you out with any issues that might creep in. however, there are several apps that have been launched ever since that also support both the Android platform and iOS software platforms. 

Apps Like TutuApp VIP Helper & its Alternatives for Android and iOS

1. Vshare:


This is a typical app store interface that lets users download and use many applications, without any technical boundaries. It is completely free for download for both Android and iPhone platforms. This app is highly functional and simple in more than one ways. Also, users can purchase the paid version of the app, which allows a user to become a pro member of the app and utilize a wider database for various functions.

2. The Amazon App store:


Amazon is quite popular for its e-commerce activity but only a few know about the side apps that it operates, which are completely different from its e-commerce function. The best part about this app is that it is very neatly and systematically organized, which makes it possible to understand the various features of the app with ease. The only issue with the app is that it is not available free of cost but should you decide to invest your money in this app, it is a great purchase.

3. Mobogenie market:


One of the most popular among the lot, Mobogenie has a huge database of some of the best apps in the market. It is considered as one of the best alternatives to Tutu App. Again, the interface of the app is quite simple, making it easy to use and understand. An organized display makes it possible to distinguish between different apps and features of Mobogenie. This app has a lot of resemblance to Tutu App, which makes it the perfect alternative to the app.

4. Get Jar:

This is one of the oldest apps to be playing the APK game. The distinguishing feature of this application is that you can enter the play store of a different region and use the apps available there, in your native language. It is very well organized and easy to use, which makes it one of the best apps at what it does.

5. The Opera Mobile Store:

Opera is one of the easy to use browsers on the internet and as an app store, it works quite well in comparison to Tutu App. It allows a user to install various applications from foreign regions in their native language and allows a user to download apps quite easily. It is quite similar in its function as compared to any other app and can also be downloaded easily.

6. Slide Me:

One can access a wide variety of content on a daily basis. Without giving any additional problems, this app allows you to explore a huge variety of content daily. It is available both, as a paid and a free version and works best for Android users. A dedicated search engine helps in searching for desired apps and can also be navigated manually at any time the user wants.


We have presented the best apps like Tutuapp for you. If you know some more apps related to tutuapp please mention it in comments we will add that to this list. Enjoy Paid apps for free now with Tutuapp.

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